It might seem odd that I’m trying to talk you out of joining, but realistically, if you don’t want to be here or it’s not the right fit, that’s okay.  It’s better for you, for me, and for the rest of the Academy members if you find what works for you.

Scale Your Firm, Freedom & Flexibility Without Going Crazy Or Capping Out


Does Any Of This Sound Familiar?

You’re building your firm but not managing it well enough to give you the freedom of time and financial profits that you’d like.

You don’t want to be working all the time but after prioritizing clients, there's little to no time left for anything growth oriented.

You’d like to help more people and earn more money without working more hours (ideally working less) but aren’t sure where to start or what to do next.

Upward Acceleration Academy

It's Time To Get Off The Hamster Wheel & Get Your Firm Working For You

Inside The Upward Acceleration Academy

Follow a concrete action plan that fits your schedule to get you to your desired outcome without the stress or burnout.

Scale To The Next Level

Realize your vision of the income, freedom and flexibility you want, coinciding with the clients and reputation you need.

Experience Your Vision

Attract a high trust/high talent team so you can focus on higher value activities and grow your business in a smart way.

Tap Into Talent

Optimize systems and processes to reach your goals, that get used and followed by your team members.

Systemize Success

Gains tools and processes for hiring staff giving you the foundations to mobilize growth with confidence.

Get Growth... Faster

Connect your day-to-day to your highest vision and values to create a life and business you love.

Connect & Create 

With The Academy, You'll Be Able To...

Frequently Asked Questions

Is all of the content available right away or is it time-released (drip fed)?

All content is available in the members portal straight away to ensure you can access what you need from the beginning.

Does the Upward Acceleration Academy include 1-1 access to a coach? 

Upward Acceleration Academy does not include access to coaching.  If you are interested in 1-1 access to a coach, please reach out to our team directly at  Our team will work with you to build a solution designed to help you reach your desired outcomes.

Your business revenue is climbing and clients keep showing up but you seem to make less money and have more stress.

You’ve struggled to implement changes that could transform your business and life, but either the business stagnates or you get stuck.


 The Upward Acceleration Academy helps people-reliant businesses, like small and solo law firms, agencies, and professional service providers, scale with differentiated services and a high trust, high talent team

The mission, subject matter, and support structure of the Academy helps put these businesses in the best position to scale successfully and sustainably and allows their owners to grow their profit and freedom without going crazy or capping out.

Is The Academy Right For You?



Small & solo law firms, agencies, and professional service businesses with an established practice they want to grow

Owners who struggle in the day-to-day grind and want to create and spend time on high value activities and expansion

Those willing to learn skills that apply to their practice and that allow you to expand your business and earn greater profits

Someone willing to better connect with their clients and team so they can address them at different points of growth

Action takers willing to put what they've learned into practice, even if it means one baby step at a time

You’re close to burn-out as you try to balance growing business demands with an actual life outside of your caseload.

The problem is... you've built a business that seems to work for clients, for the court system, for your team members... but not for you.  

And if you're not there, it all falls apart.

If Any Of This Sounds Like You...

Drive Your Firm Forward

Inside the Upward Acceleration Academy, our proprietary Execution Engine takes you through four key phases to help you drive momentum and expand your freedom, flexibility and financial opportunity.

Phase One

Phase Two

Phase Four

Phase Three

Activate Your CEO Compass & 'GPS' 

(Goal Precision System)

Optimize Your Growth Engine

Course Correct & Systemize

Hire & Fuel Your Team

Ensure best practices in mindset, healthy habits & other CEO supports

Identify goals & 'driving style" to support your long-term vision

Utilize the BeyondSMART framework to communicate and action your top initiatives

Create consistent accountability and ownership so you can trust tasks get done

Develop infrastructure for growth with systems that are documented and followed

Establish predictability with mid-and post-milestone processes to course correct and ensure goal achievement

Align priorities and action plans to stop spinning wheels & start progressing

Explore agents of growth so you can grow your business in the best way

Focus actions with the 'domino effect' to grow with the least amount of pains

Support your team members so they can provide assistance you can maximize the value of your time

Establish & upgrade your hiring process to maximize talent & minimize transition costs

Develop an organizational design that empowers your desired outcomes

A Step By Step Process For Business Freedom

Apply our exclusive Execution Engine in your business, which brings the vision, action, and accountability of your business together in one system, so you can achieve your goals and get your business working for you.   Simply follow the steps through the four phases and you’ll be driving momentum & regaining your freedom in no time.

A Jumpstart Into Action Mode

With our database of Quick Wins, transform your on-the-business time by quickly addressing key areas that support a scaling business.  Supported with a step-by-step playbook and video instructions, tap into your ability immediately implement and earn quick wins in your business.

A Toolkits To Make Gains... The Easy Way

We provide needed tools and resources in take-action form, like worksheets, cheatsheets and guides. So instead of trying to start from scratch or invent the wheel, you can apply what you've learned and quickly make gains in your business.  

Private Community For Peer-to-Peer Support

Connect with other Academy members for peer-to-peer support inside our private online community.  Seek help, share best practices, and network to build the kind of strong relationships that skyrocket one anothers' success.

You'll Get Instant Access To:

Bonus #1: Your First 4 Hours Of Freedom

Sometimes your plate is so full (or you are juggling so many plates), that it’s hard to know if you can ever let go.  But when I followed this easy 3-step process, I got 4 hours back in my day.  Follow the same and get that freedom and flexibility to grow your law firm.

Plus Bonuses

Bonus #2: Standard Operating Procedures... Simplified

When you want not only documented processes, but people to follow them too, its our Simple To Serious SOPs process that comes to the rescue.  It's all the training and templates plus adaptions for early on in your business as well as how to evolve the SOPs as your firm grows.

Real Firms.  Real Results.

Upward Acceleration has allowed me to learn, implement, do. Learn, implement, do. It's paid off multiple times over.  I'm much more relaxed and confident that the business is running itself when I'm away from it, and it's freed up my time and my weekends too.



It means freedom. Freedom of mind. Freedom of time. Freedom to focus on my family and still have a well-oiled machine.





Having that peace of mind that, every day you wake up and you're doing the right things to get you to your goal. It's another invaluable piece of what Rachel has coached me on.

Owners who only care about the money, not about building trust or developing high quality relationships.

Someone looking for a done-for-you solution.  You are the one who needs to take action.

People expecting guaranteed results.  Look, I know this works but I can't guarantee specific results from following my advice.  No one can make that promise!

The person looking for a quick fix.  There is no magic bullet despite what others want to sell you on.

Those more comfortable waiting around and wallowing in excuses.  Sure, it feels safer to blame and complain but the only dreams you put off are yours.

Upward Acceleration Academy is NOT for everyone and I'd prefer to help you figure out whether it's right for you BEFORE you join.  So here's the bottom line...

Lawyers & other professionals who love their craft but want to minimize distractions and work on higher value casework

Agency owners with the entrepreneurial spirit who want whitespace to explore their big ideas and opportunities.

Anyone unwilling to try something different, whether that be hiring, delegating, automating, etc.  If you keep doing the same thing, all you'll get are the same results and that's not what we're about here.

In Their Words...


"I love that Upward Acceleration requires me to focus on owning the business, not just running it.  The presentations are well-organized and I'm getting a broader overlook instead of just jumping from task to task."

"I enjoy how comprehensive Upward Acceleration is.  The crash course gives me a refresher on a lot of issues and concepts that got lost in the weeds in the last few years as the tent-pole items (consultations and fulfillment) become the foreground of my day.  It's put the business aspect of the matter back into perspective and the foreground meaning I'm pushing agendas that I might have delayed further."

JASON SHIMOTAKE, The Shimotake Law Firm

"I love the detailed explanation on how to use the tools provided and the purpose for each.  Plus I love how we can all go at our own pace and tailor to our needs.  I now have the tools that I need to identify where I need to grow and how.  That makes it easy to set the goals and the steps to reach them."


Hi, I'm Rachel Steininger.

After nearly two decades as a corporate intrapreneur working with multi-billion dollar investors, I launched my own consulting practice to help the owners of people-reliant businesses differentiate, systemize and scale their results and freedom. 

My clients get to build trusted relationships, create accountability systems without the micromanagement, and optimize their business processes for profitable long-term growth.

I’m competitive about board games, willing to stay up late for conversations with my teenage son (even when I’m exhausted and ready for bed), and I love helping business owners make space for their personal priorities while their great ideas and desired freedom become reality.

Meet The Founder

Rachel's really good at helping you figure out the next steps you need to take to improve your business. She's organized, very clear in her communications. And she's not going to force something on you that isn't right.  She's not going to be trying to put you in a box. 





I set some goals for myself this year.  And I've already surpassed them in the first quarter.  If you're looking for individuality, someone to actually look at your specific business, how you're running your business, and how to get to the next level, Upward Acceleration's the path to take.