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Want More Freedom & Flexibility While You Own & Grow Your Law Firm?

How I Freed Up 4 Hours Each Day For Financial Growth & Freedom

You too can say goodbye to the grind even if you're currently needed for everything or can't think of anything you could hand off.

If you cleared up 4 hours a day, you could get to the real work you need to do.

Something jolted me awake from my spot in the airport and I began to run!

I just managed to slip through the door and onto the plane right as they closed the doors behind me. 

But falling asleep from exhaustion wasn't my biggest issue. 

I couldn't leave the office without getting someone to handle hours worth of daily work for me. And my push to get to the airport last minute, for a family funeral no less, meant a full-scale negotiation of my release. 

Consuming 4+ hours of my time each day, my responsibilities had to happen IN the office and they had to be done by a skilled human. I couldn't skip out or sideline them, even on days others might consider a holiday or a justifiable absence like a funeral. 

No one was jumping to add those tasks to their workload, given they had their own can't-miss work, and I thought I had to be the one to do it. 

And most frustrating... those tasks did nothing to build the momentum I wanted

Time To Stop Spinning The Plates

At first I tried adding little automations to reduce my workload, but all that did was move the 4 hour burden to 3 1/2. 

Nothing life changing. 

I tried to make it easier on everyone else, to the point where I would do a rush of work before I was going to be out and then again after I got back... 

...All to protect them from my work and give my people only the least taxing of work to do. 

That's great way to burn out being busy with things you shouldn't have to do.

And in some highly stressful moments when I just couldn't take it any more... 

...I tried dumping it all off in an attempt that looked like me spitting up standardized checklists and throwing them like spaghetti at a wall. 

Yeah, that didn't work for me either. 

It's Not About Slaving Away

I'd been taught that everyone else - the clients who needed my daily attention, the employees I didn't want to burden, the standards that I had set that no one could seem to reach - that those people were more important than me or even than the momentum I could build if I wasn't dealing with it all. 

Being a "Servant Leader" does not mean feeling like a slave.

The leadership gurus just tell us to be a servant leader but don't tell us how first to stop being a slave. I thought being a great leader meant I needed to do it all or somehow be less... me. So not true.

Systemizing success can be easy, if you know how. 

And all those people that tell you to build "systems"... they don't also tell you how to do it without taking away from all the urgent, revenue-generating tasks in your business or, more importantly, how to get people to follow processes and systems once you've gotten them in place.


Getting things off our plate can be a win-win for everyone & doesn't require slaving away, sacrificing revenue or .

Once The Plan Starts... 

So Does The Momentum 

As I got things off my plate, starting with that first 4 hours, I began to build amazing results. And the momentum started to grow all on its own!

I freed up my time while my people went the extra mile utilizing their skills & talents.

I reinvested in other activities, ones that were the best of use of my talent & skills, including some multi-billion dollar opportunities.

​I made 10x on the plus side, without the errors.

Now It's Your Opportunity...


Off Your Plate Action Plan

Focus On Your Highest Value Activities With This 3-Step Action Plan

Simplified & Streamlined to get straight at what matters while cutting out the back and forth and lingering tasks you shouldn't have to do

Honed Through Experience & Education to the practical and psychological elements of getting things off your plate

Tested In The Real World and works just as well with start-up entrepreneurs as it does when managing established multi-million and multi-billion dollar businesses.

For The CEO You Want To Be not the cookie cutter someone tells you to be. You get to build the role that's best suited to you, your time, and your creativity.


Off Your Plate Action Plan

A Repeatable Process...

That you can leverage at any stage in your business journey that allows you to:

Get out of the day-to-day urgency so you can reinvest in other ideas and multiply your results 

​​​Free your time and build business momentum at the same time with a prioritization method tailored for effective delegation.

​​​​​Create a sticky handoff experience that sticks so that you can delegate other people and get to work on your big ideas and business opportunities once and for all.

Everything Required To...

Get tasks & initiatives off your desk and to the right person 

Move forward on momentum with easy-to-use systems in place

Stop tasks from bouncing back with tailored-to-you standards and systems 

PLUS Productivity On Tap

A whole training in itself, your BONUS Productivity with Other People course includes everything you need to

Track other people's involvement without wasting mental capacity so you can stay focused ON the business

Feed the system to work for you, with your choice of low or high tech methods that ensure you know what's going on.

​Lead without micromanagement through headache-free daily, weekly & quarterly accountability processes

And much more...

What Others Have To Say

"Since working with Rachel, I have a number of team members and employees taking the lead in helping my sales team stay active and accountable towards our goals. I would highly recommend having Rachel come into your team dynamic to assess and help find ways to grow your team to the next level of leadership."

- Tom Merritt, Summit Funding

"It's easy to overlook the gaps in your business when you're currently in it, but Rachel really focuses on bridging those gaps and taking a look at those blindspots that could potentially be holding you back."

- Chelsee Carter, Move-Tastic

"Rachel views situations in a non-linear fashion which allows her to solve problems that seem unsolvable. Her ability to articulate the situation efficiently instills observable growth in all that train with her. If you work with her and think that you will not learn valuable, practical information, that would be a mistake." 

- Torriente Toliver, Mind-Body Defense

"Meeting and working with Rachel has opened my eyes to what’s possible for my future. She has given me a roadmap for moving onward and upward. ​I can see the passion she has for getting to the root of the pain points in my business and offering concrete and meaningful solutions."

- Aaron Gang, Aaron Gang Photography

You Can Free Your Time

Stop letting these "reasons" get in your way when all you really need is a plan.

"I need to work on myself first. I need to level up."

​"I need to get my caseload in order first. My business needs to level up."

​"I need my team to have more experience or become leaders themselves first. I need my team to level up."

​​"I need more resources or revenue first. My money needs to level up."

The reality is... freedom to work ON your business comes before the big "level up". 

You take big risks in your business by waiting... not only could things that suck you back in and threaten everything you've worked for, you could also fall victim to time falling away and you just missing out!

You don't need for some magic new level in your life & business to build freedom & focus. 

You just need a clear plan that allows you to take action. 

And with the plan & techniques shared in the Off Your Plate Action Plan, even a single small change can start the momentum without  getting suck into the grind. 

About Rachel Steininger

Rachel Steininger is an executive business coach who helps law firm owners entrepreneurial CEOs ignite their teams and escape the day-to-day grind so they can scale & differentiate their business. 

Rachel knows her real job is to be their CEO Freedom Coach. She believes when her clients create the right kind of conversations with their business, their team, and their clients, they get to stop being the worker and show up as the business owner & entrepreneur they want to be.

Rachel is committed to helping her clients navigate all their business relationships in a win-win way and does so with energy, intelligence and “nothing falls through the cracks” tenacity.

Prior to coaching, Rachel served as Head of Client Service at UBS and holds degrees from the University of Notre Dame and the University of Chicago Booth School of Business.


Off Your Plate Action Plan

How I Freed Up

4 Hours Each Day

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